Published February 11th, 2024 by Coveralladmin

The pest control industry has a plethora of certifications that Pest Control Operators (PCOs), such as our company, CoverAll Pests, can qualify for.  These certifications ensure that the companies, and the employees of those companies, are well informed and verifiably qualified to perform pest control services in sensitive areas of society.

Most of these certifications focus on food production and storage.  It stands to reason that there would be a special focus on food since protecting the food supply from damage and contamination from pests is critical to the health of families the world over.

There are however, other areas of pest management that PCOs can become certified in.  Some examples of these other certifications are related to schools, public health, green initiatives, and more.  Remarkably though, there are no certification programs for companies, or their employees, who provide pest control services to the Multi-Family industry.

Because Multi-Family is our Core market, and because of our our nearly 50 years of combined multi-family experience, CoverAll Pests developed the proprietary certification program, A.P.T. (Apartment Pest Training).

The programs 6 modules focus on areas specific to Apartment Communities.  They are:

  • Key Management
  • Pesticide Usage & Reporting (per unit)
  • Pre and Post Notifications
  • No Entry Scenarios
  • Tenant Communication dos and don'ts
  • Pest Identification

Before servicing any apartments employees are required to become A.P.T. certified by taking the course and passing a final test with a minimum score of 75%.  They also receive 80 hours of on the job training prior to be on their own.  Upon successful completion of the course the technician is awarded an A.P.T. certificate.

How does the A.P.T. certification benefit CoverAll Pests' clients?  It does so by ensuring that your service technician fully understand your environment and the specific needs of your tenants.  Ultimately, the goal is help your property retain tenants.

If you would like more information about how our A.P.T. certification can help your property then contact CoverAll Pests to schedule an appointment either in person or via Zoom.


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