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Houston Mosquitoes Ruining Your Backyard Lifestyle?

Published March 31st, 2021 by Daren D.

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Not only are Houston Mosquitoes a nuisance but they can pose serious health concerns for you and your family.

Mosquito season is in full force around March/April in our area so you're probably seeing them in your yard already.  

What you can do to reduce mosquito populations around your home or business: 

Here a few tips:

  • Reduce Yard Clutter
  • Keep Gutters Clear of Debris
  • Daily Replace Water in Bird Baths
  • Don't overwater the Yard

What Options are Available for Professional Mosquito Control?

There are many options for mosquito control most of which involve the application of residual chemicals applied to mosquito 'resting' areas.  These areas include shady areas and the underside of leaves on bushes and trees.

While residual chemicals are effective in knocking down an existing mosquito population there are Greener Options available.  CoverAll Pests is a proud provider of the In2Care system - a unique and effective way to control mosquito populations.

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