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If you're not Rotating you're just Spinning your Wheels

Published June 24th, 2018 by CoverAll Pests


5 Ways Your Multi-Family Property Will Benefit by Rotating Pest Control Thru Units

Written by Daren DeRosia

Property Managers know that Pests consistently rate in the top five tenant complaints about apartment living.  Therefore a forward thinking, preventative pest management program is vital to the success of your property’s public image especially on social media.  Rotating, that is scheduling x amount of apartments for pest control service so that all units are inspected and treated a minimum of twice per year, is an integral part of a comprehensive and effective pest management program.

Let’s explore 5 ways your property will benefit by rotating pest control through your units.

  1. EARLY DETECTION – A good pest program includes inspection and monitoring.  By rotating through units the pest technician can find issues before they become major concerns.EARLY DETECTION reduces the added expenses associated with treating major infestations.
  2. PREVENTION – An ounce of prevention…you know the rest!  This old adage is a timeless truth.  Inspecting, baiting, monitoring, and treating are various methods designed to prevent pest populations from gaining a foothold on your property.  PREVENTION reduces tenant complaints and lowers vacancy rates.
  3. SERVICE – Tenants want to feel valued.  So when tenants see the pest technician on a regularly scheduled basis they know that the PM is truly concerned with their overall comfort.  SERVICE enhances the perception of care which extends leases
  4. INFORMATION – Filth.  Hoarding.  Property damage.  These issues are often hidden from PMs.  However, quality driven pest management companies know that these hidden issues contribute significantly to pest infestations and must be documented and reported to the PM.  INFORMATION exposes hidden issues allowing PMs to take needed action.
  5. EDUCATION – Interaction between the tenant and pest technician allows the tech to educate the tenant regarding pest prevention techniques.  Storage practices, sanitation, and proper pest identification are just some of the issues discussed between techs and tenants.  EDUCATION empowers tenants to make better decisions thus reducing pest related costs. 

In order for your property to experience the 5 benefits of rotating pest control through your units, take a few minutes to discuss this method with your pest management professional and then get your property moving towards a forward thinking, preventative pest management program.

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